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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Going forward.

Well, this year started pretty nice for me. So I've decided to make few new years resolutions:

1. Learn Gentoo even more than I do now.
2. Pass Gentoo dev quiz. All of it. Not to become a developer, but to create a cause for my own learning.
3. Find alternative source of income. Blog/writing-based is preferred.
4. Get a better job or make the current one much better than it is.
5. Make Gentoo User Representatives a worthy project, so it will continue further on.
6. Visit Europe.

And another:

7. Write a Gentoo book.

Regarding the book - its the idea I have lately. I know there's a lot of information about Gentoo including official docs, wiki etc, but I still feel its hard for noobs to start with Gentoo. That's why I want to write this book. All comments/wishes are more than welcome.

1 comment:

Alon said...

nice idea. you already have a logo (if gentoo will let you use it). Will it be Gentoo for Phreaks? Gentoo for Geeks? It can't be Gentoo for Dummies ;)