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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gentoo, FOSDEM07 and stuff

Well, after not being successfully able to orginize the trip with work, I'm almost decided to go by my own.

So its now 85% chance that I'll be at Fosdem!! I've talked with diox (who's organizing things on Gentoo's part), and I might get help with accommodation, which would be totally awesome!! And then I'll be at the event itself and I hope that I'll catch that beer Friday as well.

As to a more Gentoo-related things, I've been asked by Steve to help him out running this very planet, which I agreed (for a time being at least for foreseeable future). So, until we update the site with our details, you can talk to me if you're experiencing problem with our world.

So, all seem good, some userreps answered my wake up call, and I hope to get us back in short time.

Have a great time all!

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