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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Coming back


For a looong time I haven't written anything in my blog. There are multiple reasons for that, mainly being sick a little, and holidays.

But now I'm starting to feel the urge. Writing is calling me, and I have to restate myself for that.

So, first of all - Userreps Project, which seems to be in deep deep deep hibernation is not dead. We (me and few others) had a talk about it, and decided that project lives on, and we will just get back on track with the resources we have. And then, we hope it will go smoothly.

There is also one more pleasant note for myself: I might go to FOSDEM conference!! I can meet Gentoo devs at last. So if you're a dev and reading this and don't want to see me - let me know as soon as possible. Then we can arrange something to not to bump into each other :-)

So, the new year started 1.5 months ago, and I haven't been active on Gentoo front. I sure hope it is temporal. I'm getting a laptop from work (with Windaews. yikes) in a few days, which should make me much more mobile than I'm now, so I could be more productive.

So, have a nice year everyone and we will push it forward!!

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