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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Choosing a platform for work.

After meeting a friend yesterday and talking a bit about technology with him, and after reading a review today, I had an idea.

I recently understood that most of my "computer"-related work is either already done or can be moved to be totally online. Such a thing would lead me to one of the following (or combination of them):

  1. I'm totally online. I never loose my data because I have it online all the time. The only moment when its not there is that split of a second I loose my wireless connection and my data not uploaded yet. I can do my work (or entertainment) anywhere, anytime.
  2. I'm totally "dead" without internet connection. My powerful computer has no use for me. I can't access anything. I can't do anything. I'm so addicted to being online, that I have problems figuring out what are computers for. Although my movies and music are local and with me, I have no wish to "consume" them - after all, I can't access my email (don't tell me its unrelated! It is. I am not addicted).

Then I've thought about it even more.

We have an internet connection nowadays everywhere. I walk around my neighborhood and I catch easily 10 open WiFi spots. Many can check their email with 3G mobile phones, or even use them to connect to the "real" Internet. Many of those phones are good enough for Internet by themselves. WiMax us promised to come in couple of years give or take. So we have connectivity problem solved. That, probably, also solves me the "problem" with an Internet addiction usage. This means, I can work virtually everywhere anytime.

Now, what bothers me at this point, is the computer itself. I mainly use browser and email. I use simple editor for documents/blog writing. I use simple photo management application. I use somewhat more advanced pictures editing application. I use multimedia players.

These all are hardly resource intensive tasks. But my computer starts to crawl when I open more than 2 apps at a time. Besides, when I'm thinking about installing applications and maintaining the computer, I wonder: why should I invest so much time in it?

So, I know what I want. I want a TV-like usability computer - something that just works. I want a "work" appliance. I want an appliance which is lite, small, convenient, has a long battery life, and fast and responsive. I want to know what it does and how it does it. I want to be able to customize it. I want my computing everywhere with me.

Just like an OLPC with a larger screen and battery life.


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Anonymous said...

You're mixing a number of things. a) we need an appliance pc (usability) b) always connected is a two edged sword.

Regarding (a), all I can say is "well, duh!" and sure, an OLPC will be sweet ;)

Regarding (b), two things: the google thing that lets you download apps (you know that already), and the other thing is git, or at least having the data on your computer in the first place. The git thing - look for linus's talk about scm/git given at youtube.

Anonymous said...

I just got a data plan on my mobile. I pretty much do not need my computer anymore since I do so much with my mobile phone. The neatest thing is that I can even watch naughty movies:) It is pretty neat, it's called Mobile TV. All I do is point my phone to and they have adult mobile movies in different formats like 3gp movies, symbian, pda or whatever. If you have any other cool sites, please let me know! This one, though, even has a free daily mobile movie.

Alex said...

To Anonymous:

No, I'm not mixing things.

I just want my computer to be lite, convenient and I want it to have a long battery life. That's a hardware part.

Now, for software - I don't understand the point of how Google will help me. Yes, I know it allows mail and scheduling and many other things from browser only, but then I don't have a control. I've written about it already once.

I want this:
1. I want great hardware for computer.
2. Great is defined by long battery life, lite, thin, screen size at 14" tops, and RESPONSIVE
3. I want to be able to change what I want, but it doesn't mean I want to spent every second of my life doing changes and maintenance. I want "just works!" concept, but customizable.

Besides, what's the point of git example? I don't search for scm system. Just for convenient computing.

To Billy Donovan:
I don't need adult movies sites advertising. I am talking about general computing, not multimedia only. But in general, mobile computing is great thing, I think I might use it in the future.

Anonymous said...

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