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Monday, April 30, 2007

Tagging everywhere

Hi all

After I wrote about 'tagging revised', I just came down to earth a little bit. To using "normal" tags.

I wrote in that post about tagging used in different applications. A special one, one which is close to my heart, is an email tagging. At the time of writing of that post, I noted that there's a one desktop application which tags email, and there's of course, Gmail.

But none of them works in corporate and enterprise environments at this moment. Not because they are not good. Both application are very good on their own, and provide very good user experience. But I don't see them replace Outlook fast on the corporate desktop. And here's why (albeit questionable):

There's currently one king of enterprise messaging. It is a MS Exchange Server. While the reality is being slowly rebalanced with other software, there are features that only Exchange server can provide, and those features are very important in a business world. Please don't start argument with me about how "the other" or "alternatives" are better. I know what are they better at, but still, all of the alternatives try to provide the very same list of features, just make it "better", "easier", "safer", etc.
Now, the best client for MS Exchange server is Outlook, and there's no point in arguing about it. I'm working with Outlook for a long time, and I came to conclusion, that it is one of the best collaboration applications out there. Why do you think Evolution looks the same? Because feature-wise, it is the same, and it aims after Outlook.

Well, fine, we can't change Outlook to something else fast enough. I get it. And here lies my problem: I believe I desperately need tags in email. I need tags in Outlook.

Hence, I've been trapped in this situation: on one hand I do use Outlook (we do have an Exchange server in our organization), and I want to use the tagging feature that Outlook doesn't support. Categories in Outlook are not the same, they won't allow me features I require and that I can get from tags.

As a result of this problem, I made a search around for an add-on to for Outlook which could help and introduce me tags to Outlook. Recently I have found one: it is an application with connects to Outlook, called SideFinder.

This application would allow me to use tags the way I want. It would allow me to put my email in multiple folders. It would allow me fast finding of my items. It would allow me much easier work with my information.

There's no product available for direct download, but one can sign to beta program. I'm already signed, and will get it soon enough. And then I will be able to see whether I've found the application I need.

Great day to you all.

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