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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Money stuff and sad Gentoo stuff.

Well, this is not really Gentoo related.

Recently, I moved to a new place. As a result, I found (although I knew it beforehand as well, just didn't see the numbers) two very important things:

1. My rent went up ~ 2.7 times; and
2. My spare monthly cash went down ~ 3 times

Which means, essentially and unfortunately, that I will probably not be buying a new laptop this year :-(. Which, in turn, sucks

As result, I started managing my finances in much more strict way than before. I also started reading nice blog about personal finances management - The Simple Dollar. Useful in general and especially for living in US, as all practical advices are made by people living there.

Now, as for Gentoo related stuff - I was sad to find out last week that Diego "flameeys" Petteno has resigned his Gentoo position. Although I am glad to see him joining this planet, I'm sad that great people are leaving their developer positions because of internal Gentoo problems. I've seen what Diego gave as an example of the problem which led to his retiring, and all I can say is - childish behavior (not on Diego's behalf). This is very childish behavior that should not happen if project wants to grow. I think that devrel should really get involved into solving such problems as soon as possible. As I understand, that's the reason for devrel to exist.

Very sad news, it also affects me as user, and lowers my own motivation to participate.

A note to planet users: if you have a problem with your Larry The Cow planet feed, please let me know (by mailing to djay-il at gentoo-userreps dot org). You can also find me on Freenode IRC channels #gentoo-userrel or #gentoo-userreps.

Enjoy life.


avuton said...

Want to see childish behaviour, just try filing a bug at nowadays.

Alex said...


Hey, I'm sure there a lots of childish behavior. I don't really mind, as its just a human nature to behave this way.

What does bother me, is that such behavior can be very insulting and without particular reason, and this would lead to great developers leaving the project. That's just sad.

I'd suggest reconsidering behavioral code in Gentoo and add knowing it as an exam to becoming Gentoo developer/staffer. In addition, I think there's must be some "on probation" period for everyone, to be sure that person can behave in community project.