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Thursday, March 01, 2007

FOSDEM friends

Well, I forgot to mention something in my previous entry, but better later than never.

My new friend Rob (aka hyakuhei - he's a gentoo developer), found his laptop broken while we were at Fosdem.

Saturday, the first day of conference began really nicely. We met new people, had crepes, and all was nice and good. Rob left his laptop in his backpack in Gentoo dev room, but when he came back - his backpack was moved and laptop's screen was broken.

So, as a result, Rob had all conference covered by a dark cloud of bummer and unhappiness, as not only he uses his laptop for coding, but since he currently lives in Switzerland and his family/fiancee are still in UK, its his main contact line with them.

Rob, I hope you feel a little better now anyways (even that I know you haven't your computer fixed yet), and that everything will work out for you.

Now, to you all: Please Help Rob To Fix The Laptop Broken At Fosdem !! So, click here to get to his blog and then click on a PayPal link to help out with few bucks. It will be sincerely appreciated.

If you don't have the means or a will to do so, please ask your friends who might.

Rob will also establish a website for easier process.

Thanks on behalf of Rob to all of you who help out either way.

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