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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

No server for you today

Well, just as I got to install a new server, checked that everything in place, that old HDs are in safe place, I inserted the new ones, created RAID 1 (for redundancy) and booted LiveCD 2006.0

To my surprise, I saw 2 HDs instead of 1. That's weird I thought, rebooted and got into RAID controller again. Then, it figures, I had to initialize volume.

But this takes ages!!! I use SuperMicro server with 2.26Ghz Pentium 4, and it uses some MegaRAID controller which is soooo slow to configure.

So, I just hope that I can start install somewhen tomorrow, though according my calculations it should take this thing like 100 hours in total to finish.

In short, this sucks.


Arnaud Launay said...

I think I remember that, once it began initialization, you can work on the system while it constructs it...

Alex said...

Well, not in this case. I'm still in BIOS, so no work from here.