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Monday, August 07, 2006

Helloooo planet

Well, as I said to beandog (and thanks to christel for reminding about this planet), hello planet note is here.

I'm going to install a new server for me and my collegue tomorrow. I'm still not even sure what am I going to run there except some file server solution and maybe a kind of knowledge base, but it will come to as I go.

As a side note, I had an idea other day: doc repository in official doc.g.o is not very convinient for fast doc finding or, in some cases can't direct me to the right place.

I though about new index, and especially creating sections for "Desktop", "Laptop" and "Server" entries.

After all, they differ only in packages installed, but it would be so more convinient to read about full server installation if I need to install a server, and not messing with GUI during that.

I'm not completely sure what I mean by that, but I hope I'll figure it out in details soon.
Feel free to throw suggestions....

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