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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Windows on Mac Mini? no freakin way....

I've read this article today.

Wow..this dude has no idea what he got himself into. He's like someone going to italian restaurant and complaining that he can't get any pizza.

As I started to read it, I kinda got updset, but kept on. Boy, was I laughing at the end :-)

Here are the few examples from the article:

"It turns out the Mini uses a weird kind of display connector on the back that requires a special adapter if you want to plug it into a PC monitor. We used a 15” Compaq VGA display", - he's talking about DVI connector? That's the only one I know exists on Mac Mini.

"The Mini boots up into a stripped-down operating system which Apple calls OS X, similar to the stripped-down WindowsCE OS found on many handhelds", - trust me, I'm not making this up!! He's for real...

Well, even now writing this I can't stop laughing: "The Mini has got some built-in software for basic computer functions, but it can’t do many common things as well as its grown-up brothers in the Windows world can. The little things can add up to big frustration for someone who might accidentally buy a Mini expecting it to be just like Windows. For example, there is no Outlook Express for email, but Apple includes a program called Mail, which is like a stripped-down email client that can’t execute scripts or open attachments without user intervention. Personally I find it annoying, but if someone doesn’t depend on emailing their coworkers vbscripts like I do, they might be able to get by with it.", (besides I love when virus/worm/whatever can be ran automatically and infect anyone I'm connected with...... - Alex :-)))) "Secondly and possibly even more glaringly, there is no antivirus program shipped with the Mac. In today’s climate of non-stop worms, trojans and viruses, releasing a computer with no virus removal software is irresponsible on the part of Apple. The OS X comes with some system maintenance utilities, but essentials such as a defragmenter or a or registry cleaner are notably absent. I would expect a Mini to get really slow and unstable within a couple months if you can’t perform any routine maintenance tasks on it"

And then he's saying this (showing a screenshot of Safari): "Poor standards compliance: Apple's Safari web browser often fails to render MSN properly" (by the way, a simple test on shows that is not really standard-complient, but thats besides the point).

Well, its been awhile that I had as good laugh as this one. This guy is MCSE, so I would expect some MS_side-taking, but never for this. Even MS guys I know of don't say things that way.

He's obviously has no idea that "operating system" is not as same as "Windows XP".

Don't miss this guys' another page

Better on, trust Anand Lal Shimpi a little bit - he has a pretty famous site, so he's kinda gets it, right?

Well, enough about ignorant people.

I read a lot about OpenSolaris lately (how can I not to, when its written all over the internet :-). I don't really get all this OpenSolaris/Linux/FOSS war - they already talking about how one is great, and second is not, blaming one another in things....Why? that new Open thingie isn't really out yet, and people already desiding its destiny. Would Linuxees give Solarisees a brake? Come on, how many years it took you to get here, where you are? So move over, and give this newborn take a breath. Maybe he'll die trying, but maybe he won't....its just to soon to say anything about it.

This resembles me some guy at my workplace that trusts completely to any authoritive reports he gets. The last one was from Gartner, which said that by 2008 there will be no other Unices that Linux, and all development will concentrate on that (actually he was calling Apple stupid because they chose MACH/BSD core for Mac OS X instead Linux).

Well, nothing more here, except that Gentoo rules, BSD (FreeBSD in fact) rules absolutely the same, SLES 9 kinda sucks (I can't live nowdays without decent package manager) although its Linux so I can bare with it, and Windows XP with apps is nice, but when it sucks - it sucks big time (yesterday I killed almost a day to solve a stupid problem in Outlook, that was finally solved in like 4 seconds).

I'm going to sleep people, and remember: the best thing you can do with a computer is throw it away. The second best - never turn it on. The third - smash it with the hammer.

Trust me, you're life will be much better after that.


Jarl said...

Well... What can you say, really?
The Jorge article gotta be a ironic joke of somekind and i hope the test of The Mini is the same.

nick said...

Jorge seems just a skosh on the ignorant side...
Every MCSE I know is like that too (tho that's not to say I know many) - they just don't get it. Can't see a thing past their nose and don't take the time to research or learn anything they don't understand. The lite version of OS X thing was hysterical!
thanks for the link Alex.

Liron said...

"Jorge Lopez, MCSE" is a spoof, and is a spoof news website, BTW.

Alex said...


Yes, I guess I know that now. I think I figured it out by reading other posts on that site. BTW, I posted it like lifetime ago, I actually can't make myself to write something valuable.

RĂ©gis said...

Thanks for the link to divisiontwo's review of Mac Mini. I know it's bad to laugh at other's stupidity, but I could not help. At first, I thought it was a joke, but it is actually not (considering other shit he has written).