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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Flaming, flaming....

Well, I was started to think that all these issues about "Open" in Solaris-Linux war will be a little settled now.


Jonathan Schwartz wrote in his blog about how Solaris grid is better than IBM's and gave some table, and said "Lets start days until IBM responds".

Well, I tell you the truth. I've been around Unix for kinda long time. I follow all the news I can about it. How much Sun/Solaris news did I see? Much less than their market share. Why? Probably, partially because their politics and stances (pro-Linux, con etc). I don't really care. What irritates me is that I see now a lot of war being made by Sun's execs against their real commercial rivals on account of good operating systems. Who says Solaris is better? Who says Linux is, for that matter?

I personally loved FreeBSD when I used it, but then I got to Gentoo, with no particular reason (I just hated RedHat and Manadrake couple years ago, when I tryed to update my system). Tryed Debian too, and SUSE. But I'm sticking to Gentoo.

I run it on my desktop (P4, 512 MB, some IDE HD and Nvidia graphics card), my laptop (HP ze4508) and on my server (P2, 256MB, 4gb HD and old ATI Rage). I can't run Solaris on them, except maybe desktop. Even this new Open one. Maybe I will some day, but I can't now.

So, for a system that has a less than a month out there, I can't say I'd prefer using it. Maybe If I bought new hardware, I'd think about it. Or go to FreeBSD. Or Linux. I have to see it for myself.

Bragging to all about your product doesn't really makes it great. Just do it the best you can, and things will come if it deserves them.

And please, no stupid PR, it seems like spam to me.

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