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Monday, October 08, 2007

Dual Skype Phone

Hi all

As I've moved into a new appartment and got connected to a landline phone, I've found myself in a lack of modest phone equipment.

So here's the quest for me know:
I want a handset (wireless of course), which I can use both for mobile and VoIP calls (preferrably skype - not because I like it, but because all my family is interconnected with it). I also would like it to be as attractive as possible (not Bang&Olufsen, but still pretty), and not require a working computer to function.

A possible candidate for such a thing is a DualPhone's 3088 model, which unfortunately is not being sold in Israel at the moment.

Please advise.



Kevin Mark said...

Hmm. Well without researching this myself, I have a comment. Why not buy this phone anyway? If the users need/want something easy to use and this device does it, then all there seems to be is the matter of shipping and total cost. For the unique set of features the phone has, it seems reasonable. There is not 100's of choices. And I would expect you are not ordering 50 of these, so its just a 'one time thing'. And if it works well, the other party will now know what to buy/recommend in the future. And will love the cost savings and convience and the 'coolness'.
Just my two shekels.

Alon said...

Actually Alex, it is sold in israel:
790 nis,
and there are others:

Dan Angel said...
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