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Monday, September 10, 2007

Microsoft works against itself?

Well, that at least what Matt Asay believes in.

I'm, in fact, disagree.

He argues, that "Get the facts" way of campaign is against the vendor itself. But on the contrary, they do not say that their product Gen1 sucks, they're just saying that in comparison, Gen2 product is much better.

You have the same thing with everything else. Car manufacturer will say his cars are much better than the competition, and then its new model is much better when compared to a previous one.

I can keep the list going on:
...New clothes are so "new" and those you bought last season are so "retro"...
...New cleaner detergent washes everything that a previous one (the one without those blue and red balls - it had green ones, and we all know blue and red are so much more than greeen) could not...
...You new cell plan is so much better than one you had! And you get a phone as a gift!...

During the days when we all loved AMD for their much better and cheaper CPUs than Intel's, Intel never compared their product to AMD (which AMD did thoroughly all the time). They just showed how much their new product would benefit their customers in means of price, performance, compared to an old one.

Matt: don't panic. No need for laughing (albeit ironic) at big vendors. It's just called marketing.

Nothing more.


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