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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Innovation is total crap

Dear reader. I want you to know, that I intend to piss of a lot of folk by writing this, but this is intentional. I have nothing personal against you. I just want to say things that bug my mind.

I'm saying that innovation is total crap. It exist in extreme cases only.

Hear me up dear reader. Let me tell you about myself first, so you know why I think so:
I've started using a computer when I was at age seven or eight years old. It was a 16K memory Soviet computer, which was connected to my home TV with an analog cable with zillion connectors. It was connected to a tape, which produced funny voices like the TX terminator in T3 when she connected to a police computer.
That was the time when I've understood that my life is going to be around the computers and technology. I was much more interested with practical use than details of electronics.

Fast forward 20 and so years later. We now use computers with 16G memory (which is a factor of million). I have a cellphone which is much more powerful than my first computer. So, will someone tell me which innovation lead to this? How have we become so obsessed with this weird word "innovation"?

I find, that the use of this word is so ubiquitous, that it is used everywhere all the time. New software product? Innovative. New service? Innovative. New technique? Innovative.

Total crap.

If I went and created a teleported, someone would call it innovative. Others would say, "Teleporter? Come on, those Sci-Fi writers have said that for more than 50 years! I've seen Capt. Kirk using one!".

I'm sorry dear reader if I hurt your feelings. You know what? Everything is innovative these days. New color for default theme? Innovative (5 years ago we've called it themes or skins). New window borders? Innovative (well, 10 years ago Windows were innovative, so what? 10 years until new innovation?). New sounds in the system? Innovative (well, we had 16bit sounds ages ago, haven't we? Now its polyphonic and in stereo!).

So what is innovative after all? Let me tell you. It is what you like. My dad, who brought me that first computer of mine, thinks blog is innovative. My mom barely knows how to use a wordprocessor. You can call them obsolete - I call them my parents and my usability tester. Whichever they call "hard" - I believe it is hard, and keep working on it. Innovation is like a breath of fresh air. If this air smells like a bad fish, it's not an innovation.

I'm sorry to bring it up, but no one innovates in business. Well, maybe they do, but I rarely find anything new these days.

There are out-standers. Let's call them incremental innovators - they are improving the existing stuff, and their "fresh" versions appear so cool to us - it like that fresh air I was talking about. An ipod was like that.

So I'd call all the vendors of the world (including those of Open Source base) to stop shouting yet another buzz word. I'm seek of it. I'm tired. I can't bare it any longer. I call your innovation "crap" until proven otherwise. Can you prove me you innovated? Can I be sure I won't find your "innovation" anywhere else (like Microsoft's "the world's first no-ball mouse" which appeared in 2000's, while we had an optical SUN mouse in our old unused and dusty pile of crap since, like 1994)?

Let me decide on your innovation. I can speak for myself you know.

One more thing for business oriented out there: I've never seen "innovation" as the major sales point.

"Hey boss, I've chosen that vendor because he's so more innovative that 5 others we have considered! Yes, he's pricey, but he's so innovative!".

This crap would make me laugh. This crap would've caused someone to lose a job.

That is all, dear reader.

Just my opinion. You can have your own.

Feedback is appreciated.

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Martin said...

You're right.

That is all.

Åke said...

I don't quite agree but almost. The word "Innovation" is in most cases used incorrectly but it once in a while someone comes up with something innovative.

The computer design has advanced (most things in a computer has just gotten bigger or faster). But there has been innovations that have allowed these advancements. (For example in IC-production techniques.)

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