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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Removing Packages from Gentoo, video editing tools and How Importants OSes are? 7-14, Nov 2006

OK, so this time there's still nothing much. Not a lot stuff happening in Gentoo, at least not on the surface.

Few things then:

  1. Antarus has suggested a new official way of getting rid of packages from the tree. The main point being that old packages being removed are not completely deleted, but moved to alternative tree. Such a tree would have to be manually added to a system, and then packages which are removed from "official" tree are moved there and don't exist on official tree anymore. In addition, bug reports on such packages in official bugzilla will get INVALID resolution.
    The logical implementation would be, of course, an overlay. Call it "obsolete" overlay or something similar, so noone would question what is it for.
  2. I've been playing around with 2 video editing tools: Cinelerra and Lives. While Cinelerra seems more able and professional, some things are much easier in Lives, such as sound-movie mixin'.
  3. Jonathan Shwarts SUN CEO, says that OSes will probably stay like forever: "It reminds everybody again how central OSes are to the evolution of the Internet, ...... Every 10 years, it seems like everybody wants OSes to go away so we all dismiss them."
    Although I do understand an importance of an operating system, I don't really agree with him. I think that with time, our computer use distinctively becomes combination of 3 usage types: web (and web-based), media and games. For those, OS do not really matter, especially for web and media, because even today you can surf the web and experience music/movies on almost any platform and in universally the same way. So while OS might matter for low level development, it matters less for users.
  4. I saw Mark Shuttleworth's (Ubuntu leader? initiator? mover? doesn't matter, go for person) at Ubunto Developers Summit at Google (link to a video, its 55 minutes), and what I liked especially was what he said about Gentoo: "....and there are Gentoo, which solves things in a way which attracts some we would like to figure out how to work with them [Gentoo developers] more closely"...
    Man, I like this guy, but more than that, I like his attitude to open source ideas. Maybe because I think the same way?
  5. I just saw this little toy, which "offers 5832 1GFlops 64-bit processors, each dissipating just 600 milliwatts of power" and "our Gentoo portage tree points you to all of the source code in the system, both community-developed and SiCortex-specific".
    Me want !!!!!
That is about it. Council reports are not in yet, as well as bugday (or at least I haven't looked at them yet).

Visit Userrep chat and tell us how would you make Gentoo better (making it binary will not work).

Leave a feedback down here ......

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