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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Random thoughts on overlays

Now, when overlays are out, I have looked into this and, as probably I don't understand this thing globally, I have some thoughts about it.

I was thinking a couple of things actually:

1. I suppose there is a possibility that some overlapping in some ebuilds will be created in all overlays. What I would like then, is some kind of search engine, that given a package name would give me all overlays that this package is included in them with some description/explanation/notes about each overlay. Or even, if specific overlay's ebuild is accompanied by some specific notes (comments, changelog, etc), then those notes would be presented too, and all this would ease the choice of overlay I'd like to use. In other cases, it would help resolving issues with conflicting overlays.

2. I see there's project overlays, i.e overlays which are specifically created for final purpose, such as Gnome overlay, Java overlay, etc.
Wouldn't it be great if lanman would've supported some kind of "overlay build" feature? So I'd run something like "lanman --build " and it would run some kind of emerge procedure (with optionally default yes/no question), where I just overview the settings and just say "yes" and it would be installed? It would be so easy to install overlays then, I mean not just install the tree on my PC, but actually building the whole thing. It could also feature some additional actions like custom configs, cleanups, index updates etc.

As a side effect, I could created my own overlay which would include, for instance, everything to install on my computer. Or it could be just an empty tree overlay, but I could use its "lanman --build" feature to install my entire system with one command: I'd create an install thingie for my "alex-laptop" overlay, then on fresh install I'd just install lanman, overlay and issue "lanman --build alex-laptop" and then all programs I use on my laptop would be installed.

As always, just a thought.

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