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Monday, November 14, 2005

Gentoo and everything....

There are few things.

First, in addition to a new server I've bought a mac mini (1.42 80 Gb ), so it will be my desktop computer.

Second, I have issues installing gentoo - buggy modules and new hardware don't mix, so now I'm on course of checking out Catalyst tool to create modyfied 2005.1 iso so I could install it on my machine.

Details will follow


darrelkline93712144 said...

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Dren said...

You should put an e-mail up in your blog. =)

Dren said...

By the way you are welcome to have an account at

I look forward to the rest of your writing about gentoo! I'd like to get into messing around with gentoo on a personal machine.

Do you have any experience with BSD?

Go ahead and contact me at mark{at}

Alex said...


First, I don't think its a good idea to post my email here.

Second, yes I have had some experience with BSD (I tried FreeBSD) and I liked it, I just found that Gentoo takes less effort from me to maintain (because I'm more experienced with it).

Dren said...

I understand.

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